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Fire Island Lighthouse Closed to the Public for 3 Weeks for Structural Testing

Posted on July 1, 2019 by admin in Fire Island News

The Fire Island Lighthouse was closed for 3 weeks this month, starting on June 3, to undergo structural testing to figure out the source of damage to the facility such as the deterioration of the exterior coating of the building and the high moisture problem inside the building.

The $414,000 project involved the closing of the tower and the outdoor terrace, however, the gift shop, Keepers Quarter Museum and Lens Building remained open during the testing period.

National Park Service said in a statement that there will be testing “on the exterior coating to better understand how the building performs structurally, and to determine the cause of ongoing problems including high moisture within the facility, and deterioration of the outer face of brick and shotcrete coating.”

When the preliminary testing is finished and the lighthouse is back up and running, further analyzation of the building will be carried out by use of security cameras. Monitoring devices will be placed around the lighthouse for one year for additional testing in order to get to the root of the structural issues and find a solution.

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