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Fire Island’s Woodhull Elementary School Students Participate in New York State’s “Pick A Reading Partner” Program

Posted on April 1, 2019 by admin in Fire Island News

Fire Island’s Woodhill Elementary School students participated in New York State’s “Pick a Reading Partner Program” during the month of March, which encourages reading through reading themed events and activities. This year’s theme for the annual event was “Reader’s Reef.”

The “Pick a Reading Partner” program promotes reading by highlighting students’ logged reading hours and showcasing them on a large board in the school’s hallway. Each student is represented by a sea creature to go along with the Reader’s Reef theme. All month long, students read as much as they want at home and celebrate their achievements during school hours.

To start off the month-long “Pick a Reading Partner” program festivities, all students at Woodhull Elementary School celebrate with a breakfast with their peers. The monthly reading activities then ended with a pizza party.

The Reader’s Reef theme is evident when you walk into the school. Students created sea life artwork that hung in the main hallway of the school. Elementary school board member and parent Kate Skelly-Kurka also created a mural that went along with the theme, which was featured in the main hallway as well. One of the Woodhull Elementary students, Jaxson Adams, created PARP-themed artwork for T-shirts that the students wore throughout the month of March.

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