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The Coalition for Fire Island Wastewater Solutions Seeks State Funding to Fix Outdated Fire Island Sewage Infrastructure

Posted on January 2, 2019 by admin in Fire Island News

The Coalition for Fire Island Wastewater Solutions is seeking an alternative to their current sewage system, seeking $500,000 in state funding to propose changing its outdated infrastructure. Over 20 nonprofit organizations, government agencies and elected officials have joined forces to request state funding for a study that would offer possible alternatives.

One possible update to Fire Island’s overall sewage system is to connect it to Ocean Beach, which houses Fire Island’s only sewage treatment plant. This past summer, a $7 million project was approved to update the treatment plant so that it would run more efficiently.

“We can’t just flush away the problem. We have to think about our impacts if we’re going to stay on this island,” Fire Island National Seashore’s park planner Kaetlyn Jackson told Newsday of Fire Island’s sewage infrastructure problem.

The newly-formed coalition formed in June, after the Ocean Beach sewage treatment plant was greenlit. As of now, Fire Island’s unique towns each have different types of sewage systems, such as cesspools, septic systems and leaching fields. The study would aim to find out how to protect Fire Island against water and soil contamination.

The state funding is still pending, but it would likely take up to a year to get the study started if approved.

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