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Living Lonelyville, Fire Island

Living in Lonelyville, Fire Island might not sound appealing to outsiders, but those who live here know the secret to happiness. This rustic town is the oldest in Fire Island, New York; its name dates back to at least 1880, though the origin remains unknown. Its most famous inhabitants were Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft – and it’s said that Brooks wrote some of his most famous works in one of the historic Lonelyville homes.

A devotion to the quiet life has kept Lonelyville, Fire Island virtually the same for almost 20 years. It’s been free of the commercial development that abounds on the rest of the western part of the Island, ensuring that its pristine beaches are kept clean, and its unobtrusive residents can maintain their desired tranquility. Lonelyville relies on the docks of neighboring towns like Dunewood to take residents on and off the Island. Lonelyville homes can be rented year round, offering an idyllic retreat for vacationers looking to experience solitude and awe-inspiring views as the seasons change.

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy life, then living in Lonelyville, Fire Island in the home of your dreams might be easier than you think. This sleepy little beach town offers the perfect summer retreat, with easily accessible neighboring towns for shopping and night life. Despite its name, we know that you’ll never have to be alone when living in Lonelyville, Fire Island.