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Plans to Build Wind Farm Off of Fire Island Causes Concern Amongst Locals

Long Island locals are concerned about German company PNE Wind’s plans to place 30 to 50 wind turbines from Bayport to Moriches, starting about 10 miles away from Fire Island. The project will ultimately become the largest offshore wind farm in the nation. The goal is to have the wind farm completed by 2027.

In the past, wind farms were a pipe dream due to concerns about high costs, regulatory challenges and the idea of industrial machinery becoming an eye sore to our beloved ocean views. It seems those concerns are still around, although the project will move forward nevertheless. This wind farm will follow behind the five turbines placed in Rhode Island’s offshore waters off of Block Island and could become the first of many in a 256-square-mile parcel. The installation project, which was originally projected to cost $1 billion but has since decreased to $740 million, has room for as many as wind 200 turbines.

Now that the Long Island Power Authority and Deepwater Wind have reached an agreement, Long Islanders have a few raising concerns. Among their fears are its effect on summer tourism, marine life, and the high costs associated with it. The wind farm, which will be called the South Fork Wind Farm, will use the strong winds off the Atlantic coast to make electricity.

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